Podcast: CP1524, CP1525 & CP1526 ‘Faulty Metering Equipment improvements’

Lead Analyst for Change Proposals 1524 – 1526, Matthew Woolliscroft, talks about proposed changes around improving, monitoring, processes, rectification and improvement of faulty Metering Equipment.

The individual Changes Proposals (CPs) are:

These three changes focus on the points raised as part of Issue 73 ‘Review of fault management and resolution timescales’. To maximise benefits and limit disruption the above CPs will be progressed and implemented together.

Responses for each of the CP Consultations are invited by 7 February 2020. Please visit the respective Change Proposals above for more information and the relevant documents.  

Listen to the podcast

Listen to the complete faulty Metering Equipment improvements podcast:

If you would like to listen to proposed solutions for the individual CPs, then please use the timeline tracker above and listen from the following points:

  • CP1524 – 0.00
  • CP1525 – 4:40
  • CP1526 – 5.23

If you would like a transcript for the CP1524-1526 podcast then please email [email protected]


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