Podcast: P392 ‘Amending BSC Change Process for EBGL Article 18’

Lead Analyst for Modification Proposal P392, Danielle Pettitt, discusses amending BSC Change Process for EBGL (Electricity Balancing Guideline) Article 18, which includes background information on the consultation, impacts and the benefits.

Listen to the podcast

Listen to the complete P392 ‘Amending BSC Change Process for EBGL Article 18’ podcast:

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About Modification Proposal P392

This Modification will ensure the process and responsibilities for amending BSC provisions constituting EBGL  Article 18 terms and conditions reflect delegations made by NGESO in favor of the BSCCo and BSC Panel, to ensure a unified market change process. 


Responses for P392 are invited. Find out how to respond and get more information about ‘Amending BSC Change Process for EBGL Article 18‘.


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