Podcast: ‘Moving the SAD to a Category 3 Item’

Lead Analyst for Modification P404, Matthew Wooliscroft, discusses moving the Self-Assessment Document (SAD) and associated documents from BSCP537 and making them a Category 3 BSC Configurable Item.

These documents deal with the Qualification Process for SVA Parties, SVA Party Agents and CVA Meter Operators.

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About Modification P404

After investigation, the Performance Assurance Framework Review identified that any amendments or changes to the SAD would require a Change Proposal.

P404 aims to move Balancing and Settlement Code Procedure BSCP537:

  • Appendices 1 – ‘Self Assessment Document’
  • Appendices 2 – ‘Testing Requirements’
  • Appendices 3 – ‘Guidance Notes on completing the SAD’ 

to a new Category 3 BSC Configurable Item.

This will facilitate quicker change to the Self Assessment Document (SAD) and its supporting documentation.

These documents will be migrated to a new Category 3 BSC Configurable item, to be placed under the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) ownership.

This change will make the documents a lot more flexible with an annual review. Any suggested changes to these items can be directly reviewed by the PAB at any time.   


Responses are welcomed by 30 March 2020.

Find out how to respond and more about Modification P404.


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