Risk Evaluation Register 2021/22 consultation – get involved

The consultation sets out the Settlement Risks identified for 2021/22, but we’d like BSC parties to let us know what they think of these risks and if they should be amended.

The newly designed Risk Register aims to be more concise, informative and effective.

How to take part

All the relevant documents can be found on the Risk Evaluation Register consultation page. The documents include:

  • Risk Evaluation Register spreadsheet – a complete list of Settlement Risks
  • Risk Evaluation Register Performance Assurance Board (PAB) paper – a complete list of Settlement Risks
  • Risk Evaluation Register Questionnaire

Familiarise yourself with the Settlement Risks in the Risk Evaluation Register and then complete the Questionnaire.

Deadline is Sunday 14 March 2021.

What happens next?

The consultation responses will be present to the PAB at their meeting on Thursday 25 March.

The PAB will approve the Risk Evaluation Register, subject to changes it may deem necessary.   


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