Update on 14 May cyber-attack

On Thursday 14 May, Elexon experienced a cyber-attack on its internal IT systems. Since then we have been working to restore them.

Latest information

While this IT work is ongoing, BSC Parties can contact us through the following channels:

For non-BSC Parties, please contact the BSC Service desk.

What has been impacted

We have identified the root cause and are now resolving the issue. As we do not hold any customer level data, there is no risk to the public.

About the BSC Central Systems

ELEXON delivers the services of balancing and settlement via the BSC Central Systems. The BSC Central Systems include the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS) which publishes rational data about the balancing mechanism and settlement arrangements in real time. The Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent (ECVAA) allows participants to notify their wholesale energy purchases/sales and the Settlement Administration Agent (SAA) which calculates post event settlement used for billing and post event data reporting.

The BSC Central Systems are hosted and operated on a secured infrastructure by a third party service provider and this is separate to Elexon’s own IT.

There are no communications link or data traffic between the BSC Central Systems and the internal Elexon network which was impacted by this incident. The security of the BSC Central Systems is integral to the design and operation and at this time security has been further enhanced.

The BSC Central Systems continue to operate the balancing and settlement calculations.

Keeping our customers informed

We have been keeping our customers informed throughout the incident with information published to our BSC Portal, social media and this website.

Social media

BSC Portal

We will send you further updates as things change but in the meantime if you have any questions please contact our externally hosted help desk on 0370 010 6950 or via email bscservicedesk@cgi.com

Our role in the electricity market

ELEXON is not part of the real time physical flow of electricity from power stations to consumer. Therefore there is no impact to power supplies.

Instead, we calculate the volumes of electricity produced by power stations and sold by electricity Suppliers and compare these to what those organisations contracted to produce or to sell, and apply a charge for any differences.

We also calculate, collect and distribute payments to Contract for Difference generators and Capacity Market providers.

Both sets of calculations occur on systems and in environments totally separate from those impacted by this incident and which continue to work as normal.


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