COVID-19: Consumption estimation derogations update

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Ending of derogations

In July, the PAB (one of the committees which helps the BSC Panel to govern the code) agreed a timetable for resuming the PATs and a high level approach to ending the COVID-19 estimation derogations, as set out in The following PAB paper:

Ending of COVID-19 estimation derogations

The PAB decided to engage the help of an expert group of industry representatives to consider the approach to ending the derogations. The expert group met on 28 July 2020 and:

  • Agreed a proposed timetable for ending each of the derogations;
  • Proposed that the PAB reviewed the group’s recommendations for comment and agreement in principle at its August meeting; and
  • Agreed that if there are no significant changes to the COVID-19 response by the Governments of England, Scotland and Wales, the timetable will then be presented to the PAB in September for formal approval and implementation.

At its August meeting, the PAB approved this approach in principle as recommended by the expert group. The paper setting out the approach, timetable and the updated red-lined COVID-19 guidance notes.

Re-application of EFR

The PAB discussed the challenges facing the industry in relation to obtaining the 97% Non-Half Hourly and 99% Half Hourly Settlement performance standards following the COVID-19 lockdown at its August meeting.

The committee agreed that an appropriate EFR strategy for Settlement performance following COVID-19 should be considered in further detail.

The PAB concluded that it would reconsider the approach to resuming EFR for issues which related to non-compliance with Settlement performance standards that currently have the EFR technique applied and for new performance standard issues at a strategy session.

This will then be communicated to the industry in a further update.

The approach to resuming EFR for all other issues (such as issues identified in the BSC Audit or by a Technical Assurance check) is unchanged.

The PAB wanted to encourage Suppliers and agents to work hard to obtain Meter Reads, undertake Meter fixes and improve data quality to help ensure that Settlement performance improves as soon as possible.

It also requested that Suppliers keep their Operational Support Managers informed of the work being undertaken to improve their performance.

Managing impacts of COVID-19

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