Webinar: MHHS Target Operating Model explained

We have published a webinar explaining the Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Target Operating Model (TOM). The webinar also provides background information to help responses to two major consultations relating to MHHS in the coming months.

What will I find out from the webinar?

The webinar explains:

  • the rationale for moving to MHHS and the benefits to consumers and energy companies
  • an overview of how the MHHS TOM works, explaining the data flows between different Parties in the electricity system and the processes involved
  • the benefits for Settlement, as moving to MHHS reduces the length of the process from 14 months (currently) to four months.
  • the transition from the current market arrangements to the TOM.

Where can I watch the webinar?

The webinar is located on the MHHS page. The page also includes details of how to sign up for updates on our MHHS work. as well as background information on the project.

Upcoming Consultations that support the road to MHHS

We led industry work to develop the MHHS TOM for Ofgem, which is set to make a final decision next year on whether MHHS should be implemented.

We have also been providing technical leadership to two industry workgroups that are developing aspects of the TOM further.

  • The Code Change and Development Group (CCDG), is identifying and overseeing the drafting of changes needed to electricity codes and subsidiary documents
  • The Architecture Working Group (AWG), is developing the solution architecture required to enable the TOM

We plan to publish consultations for the CCDG and AWG work in December 2020 and April 2021 respectively.


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