CCDG transition plan consultation and webinar

On 5 July 2021 we published a consultation on the transition and migration approach that the Code Change and Development Group (CCDG) has developed to support implementation of Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS). We hosted a webinar about the consultation on 7 July.

What is the Code Change and Development Group?

The CCDG is one of two industry workgroups for which Elexon has been providing technical leadership, to support further development of the MHHS Target Operating Model.

What topics does the consultation cover?

The new CCDG consultation covers:

  • CCDG Transition recommendations in addition to the MHHS Significant Code Review timeline for implementation
  • Transition milestones
  • Market segment specific considerations
  • Performance Assurance for MHHS. 

It will also set out the CCDG conclusions and recommendations. This follows the previous consultation by the CCDG in December 2020, which included the detailed design of code changes needed to support MHHS. 

View the consultation

You can find all the documents and information on how to respond on our consultations web page.

Please let us know your views by 8am on Monday 2 August. 

View the slides and the recording of webinar

Some minor edits were made to the slides used, following clarifications at webinar on 7 July. 

About MHHS

For more information about our work on implementing MHHS visit our hub page. 


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