BSC Procedures (BSCPs)

BSCPs define the relationships, timescales and interactions between participants and specify the information or other outputs to be exchanged between them.

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BSCP 01 - Overview of Trading Arrangements

This BSCP describes the component activities of the Trading Arrangements detailed in the Code, from submission of trading data prior to Gate Closure through to final exchange of funds up to fourteen months later. This is in the form of a set of overview process diagrams and a schedule of trading activities (i.e. the Settlement process timetable).

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BSCP 02 - Proving Test Requirements for Central Volume Allocation Metering Systems

This BSCP defines the minimum requirements for the proving of new, and changes to existing, Metering Systems. In order to maintain the integrity of Settlement every Metering System is required to go through a full ‘end-to-end’ set of commissioning and Proving Tests when it is first registered for Settlement purposes in the Central Meter Registration Service (CMRS).

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BSCP 03 - Data Estimation and Substitution for Central Volume Allocation

This procedure describes the process for agreeing the appropriate metered data values associated with Active Energy meters to be used for CVA when there is a problem with the values obtained via the normal metered data collection process. This procedure also describes the process for the Lead Party of BM Units in a Switching Group to request the correction of errors in the BM Unit Metered Volumes arising from technical constraints in the CDCA System.

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BSCP 04 - BM Unit Metered Volumes for Interconnector Users

This procedure defines the process by which the Settlement Administration Agent (SAA) receives BM Unit metered data for each Interconnector User (IU) from the Interconnector Administrator (IA).

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BSCP 05 - Meter Advance Reconciliation for Central Volume Allocation

This procedure covers the processing, agreement and authorisation of Meter readings in accordance with Section R of the Code. This process provides verification of the accumulation of the half hourly metered data collected by the Central Data Collection Agent (CDCA) for the purposes of Settlement.

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BSCP 06 - CVA Meter Operations for Metering Systems Registered in CMRS

This procedure defines the obligations on the Meter Operator Agent (MOA) in relation to the work of Meter operations for Central Volume Allocation (CVA) Metering Systems registered in Central Meter Registration Service (CMRS). It also outlines the responsibilities of the MOA, Central Data Collection Agent (CDCA) and Registrant with regard to notification of work and of the sealing and re-sealing of CVA Metering Equipment.

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BSCP 11 - Trading Disputes

This BSC Procedure (BSCP) deals with the raising, resolution and rectification of all Trading Disputes, in accordance with Section W of the Balancing and Settlement Code (the Code).

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BSCP 14 - Processing of Manifest Error Claims

This Procedure describes the steps to be taken in order to process a Manifest Error claim, from the initial raising of such a claim by the Lead Party of an affected BM Unit or the NETSO, to the final settlement of any payments in relation to the claim.

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BSCP 15 - BM Unit Registration

This BSCP defines the key interfaces, interdependencies and timetable for the registration and de-registration of BM Units by the Party.

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BSCP 18 - Corrections to Bid-Offer Acceptance Related Data

This BSC Procedure (BSCP) defines the processes that BSCCo, the Settlement Administration Agent (SAA), the NETSO and BSC Parties will use. This is specifically to input corrections to erroneous Final Physical Notification (FPN), Bid-Offer Data (BOD), Bid-Offer Acceptance Level (BOAL) and Bid-Offer Acceptance Level Flagged (BOALF) data (collectively referred to as the ‘Bid-Offer Acceptance Related Data’) within the Settlement Administration Agent (SAA) systems or Balancing Mechanism Reporting Agent (BMRA) systems.

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BSCP 20 - Registration of Metering Systems for Central Volume Allocation

This BSC Procedure (BSCP) provides for the Registration and De-registration of Metering Systems. This ensures that no Metering Systems are unaccounted for in the Settlement process. This BSCP also provides for the Registration of Metering Systems under BSCP68 ‘Transfer of Registration of Metering Systems between CMRS and SMRS’.

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BSCP 25 - Registration of Transmission System Boundary Points, Grid Supply Points, GSP Groups and Distribution Systems Connection Points

This BSCP defines the key interfaces, interdependencies and timetable for: Transmission System Boundary Point (TSBP) Registration/De-registration; Grid Supply Point (GSP) Registration / De-registration; GSP Group Registration; Distribution Systems Connection Point (DSCP) Registration/De-registration; Registration/De-registration of a new circuit to an existing GSP or DSCP.

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BSCP 27 - Technical Assurance of Half Hourly Metering Systems for Settlement Purposes

This BSC Procedure (BSCP) defines the process of inspections of Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) Half Hourly Metering Systems registered in a Supplier Meter Registration System (SMRS) and Central Volume Allocation (CVA) Metering Systems registered in the Central Meter Registration Service (CMRS).

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BSCP 31 - Registration of Trading Units

This BSCP defines the key interfaces, the timetable and the responsibilities of the Applicant Party, the BSCCo, the Panel and BSC Agents when associating more than one Primary BM Unit with a Trading Unit. It does not cover the provisions of the Code relating to Primary BM Unit registration. This BSCP is designed to ensure orderly and efficient implementation of the Code provisions relating to Primary BM Units being associated with the same Trading Unit.

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BSCP 32 - Metering Dispensations

This procedure outlines the responsibilities with regard to processing applications for Metering Dispensations, and outlines the timeframes involved. It also details the information required for submission with an application, notifications to Parties and records to be maintained in respect of all Metering Dispensations.

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BSCP 38 - Authorisations

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure BSC Agents and the BSCCo only carry out specific Code activities on the request of an Authorised Person. This procedure defines the processes under which Authorised Persons are registered and how these records are amended, and covers:

  • Nomination of Authorised Persons
  • Change to the scope of Authorised Persons authority
  • Cancellation of Authorised Persons
  • Annual confirmation of Authorised Persons

Parties, ECVNAs, MVRNAs, CVA MOAs and LDSOs are required to complete the form or its online equivalent and return it to the CRA. 

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BSCP 40 - Change Management

This BSCP outlines the Change Management processes used to progress and implement changes to the BSC and BSC Configurable Items to ensure that all changes are introduced in a controlled and auditable manner. It also defines the process for Third Party Applicants to request designation to raise a Modification Proposal and defines a pre-change process for Issues.

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BSCP 41 - Report Requests and Authorisations

The purpose of this procedure is to enable Parties and Party Agents to select those reports that they require, to request additional reports and to allow Parties and Party Agents to authorise other Parties and/or Party Agents to receive their confidential reports.

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BSCP 65 - Registration of Parties and Exit Procedures

This BSCP defines the key interfaces, interdependencies and timetable for the Registration of Parties in the Central Registration Service (CRS) and Exit Procedures; and covers:

  • Party Registration
  • Changes to Party Registration Data, including registration and deregistration of participation capacities
  • Withdrawal from the Code
  • Expulsion from the Code
  • Requests for additional Supplier IDs
  • Requests to remove additional Supplier IDs
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BSCP 68 - Transfer of Registration of Metering Systems between CMRS and SMRS

The purpose and scope of this BSCP is to enable Third Party Generators to centrally register Third Party Generating Plant (typically embedded generators) such that the Exports of such Third Party Generating Plant can be traded in the Balancing Mechanism without having to go through a Licensed Supplier.

This requires the registration of Metering Systems to be transferred between SVA (utilising the Supplier Meter Registration Service – SMRS) and CRA (utilising the Central Meter Registration Service – CMRS) and for checks to be made to ensure that energy is accounted for in one system but not in both Registration systems.

Known as “Registration Transfers”. For Settlement purposes this means that each part (i.e. the Import or the Export) of the Third Party Generating Plant is accounted for in Central Volume Allocation or Supplier Volume Allocation but not both for any particular Settlement Day.

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