BSC Signatories and Qualified Persons

BSC Signatories: All parties that have acceded to the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC). The table below gives details on each party, including the roles they are registered in and who their Operational Support Manager (OSM) is.

Qualified Persons: Under the BSC, all Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) Parties, SVA Party Agents, and Central Volume Allocation (CVA) Meter Operators are required to be Qualified in accordance with BSC Section J and BSCP537.

Party Role Key

BP — BSC Party
DSO – Distribution System Operator
IA – Interconnector Administrator
IE – Interconnector Error Administrator
NETSO – National Electricity Transmission System Operator
TG – Trading Party – Generator
TI – Trading Party – Interconnector User
TN – Trading Party – Non Physical
TS – Trading Party – Supplier
VP – Virtual Lead Party

Further Information

ELEXON provides support to BSC Signatories and Qualified Persons through the function of Operational Support Managers (OSMs).

Allocation of an OSM

The allocation of OSMs is not an automatic process and therefore some BSC Parties and Qualified Persons listed here may not yet have an OSM.

When a Party has completed the Registration process they should complete an Operational Support Manager Allocation Form and email it to [email protected] if they wish to have an OSM allocated.

Party Name Party ID Party Address Party Roles Allocated OSM Telephone Contact
D-Energi Trading Ltd COLGANO D-Energi Business Complex, Unit D, Madison Place, Northampton Road, Manchester, M40 5AG BP, TS, EN, MV 0370 010 6950 Visit Page
Daisy Energy Supply Limited DAISY 46 The Calls, Leeds, LS2 7EY BP, TS, EN Adam Cox 020 7380 4312 Send Email
Danske Commodities A/S DANSKE Vaerkmestergade 3.3. DK-8000 Aarhus C. Denmark BP, TI, TN, EN, MV 0370 010 6950 Visit Page
DC Energy Trading B.V. DC Kerkiaan 15, 4451 BE Heinkenszand, the Netherlands BP 0370 010 6950 Send Email
Deeside Power (UK) Limited DEEPOWER Senator House, 85 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC1V 4DP BP, TG 0370 010 6950 Visit Page
Delta Gas and Power Limited LILY 334-354 Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross, London, WC1X 8BP BP, TS, EN, MV Mathew Donnelly 020 7380 4256 Send Email
Deneba Energy Supply Ltd DENEBA Utilihouse, East Terrace, Chorley, England, PR7 6TE BP 0370 010 6950 Send Email
Derwent CoGeneration Ltd DCOGEN Derwent Power Station, PO Box 489, Spondon, Derby, DE21 7ZS BP,TG,EN,MV 0370 010 6950 Send Email
Donnington Energy Limited DOENERGY Donnington Energy Limited Lambourne House 311-321 Banbury Road Oxford OX2 7JH BP,TS,MV Dapo Opadere 020 7380 4212 Send Email
Dorenell Wind Farm Limited DORWIND Alexander House, 1 Mandarin Road, Rainton Bridge Business Park, Houghton Le Spring, Sunderland, DH4 5RA BP, TG 0370 010 6950 Visit Page
Dracus Energy Supply Ltd DRACUS Utilihouse, East Terrace, Chorley, England, PR7 6TE BP 0370 010 6950 Send Email
Drax Generation Enterprise Ltd SPGEN01 13 Queen's Road, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB15 4YL BP,TI,TG Nkem Afodume 020 7380 4291 Send Email
Drax Power Limited DRAX Drax Power Station, PO Box 3, Selby, North Yorkshire, YOB 8PQ BP,TG,EN Send Email
Dual Energy Direct Limited DUALENER Premium House The Esplanade Worthing West Sussex BN11 2BJ BP,TS Joanna Pasnik 0207 380 4227 Send Email
Dudgeon Offshore Wind Limited DUDGEON One Kingdom Street, London, W2 6BD BP, TG 0370 010 6950 Visit Page
Dunmaglass Wind Farm Limited DNMG Inveralmond House, 200 Dunkeld Road, Perth, PH1 3AQ BP, TG Aiyesha Andrade 020 7380 4324 Send Email
Dvalin ApS DVALIN Niels Jernes Vej 10 (NOVI), 9220 Aalborg Ø, Denmark BP, TN, TI 0370 010 6950 Visit Page
DXT Commodities SA DUFENERG Via Trevano 2a, 6900 Lugano, SWITZERLAND BP, TN, TI, EN 0370 010 6950 Visit Page
Dyce Energy Limited PROZ 12 Manvers House, Pioneer Close, Wath-Uopn-Dearne, South Yorkshire, S63 7JZ BP, TS Nkem Afodume 020 7380 4291 Send Email


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