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BSC Simple Guides

The Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) is a lengthy legal document. The following guides provide a good starting point for understanding what each part of the BSC covers.

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Section X, Annex X-2 – Technical Glossary Version: 40.0

Annex X-2 contains a number of technical definitions and acronyms applying within the BSC. The information is divided between those terms used only within Section S relating to Supplier Volume Allocation, and terms used throughout the remaining sections of the BSC. This is required because, for convenience, some definitions and acronyms have a different meaning between Section S and other sections of the BSC. In addition, Annex X-2 also includes some interpretation rules relating to mathematical operations and timing conventions, and explanations regarding the use of subscripts, other expressions and summations both in terms of those that apply to Section S and otherwise.

Section Z: Performance Assurance Version: 6.0

Section Z of the BSC covers the establishment of the Performance Assurance Board (the PAB) - its powers and functions, the duties and responsibilities of its members, and its proceedings; performance assurance procedures; Risk Management Determination (RMD) Queries and Appeals; and the administration and implementation of Performance Assurance Techniques (PATs).