Derogations from the BSC using the BSC Sandbox


This page gives guidance on the BSC Sandbox process. It also holds all public information for individual BSC Sandbox applications. Our BSC Sandbox supports Ofgem’s Energy Regulation Sandbox, through which all applications must be made. Ofgem will tell us if there is a BSC impact and we need to start the BSC Sandbox process.

How it relates to you

Normal BSC rules may restrict innovators’ ability to carry out a pre-competitive trial of a product or service in a live market environment. If you’re an innovator and feel that this is the case, you can use the BSC Sandbox to apply for a derogation from the BSC rules.

A derogation gives someone temporary permission, for a limited period of time, not to comply with one or more BSC rules. A derogation can be from parts of the BSC itself, and/or from BSC Code Subsidiary Documents.

The BSC Sandbox application process is open to both BSC Parties (signatories) and non-Parties. But a derogation can only apply to a BSC Party. If you’re not a Party already, and want the derogation to apply to you directly, then you’ll need to accede to the BSC if your application’s approved. Or you can partner with an existing BSC Party in your application, and ask to apply the derogation to them, if that better suits your trial.

We’re happy to help with applications before they’re submitted. We can only advise on the BSC interactions and process. We can’t comment on your trial’s commercial viability or whether you’ll get Ofgem’s approval.

Submitting an application

Applications must be made through Ofgem’s Energy Regulation Sandbox by completing and submitting Ofgem’s application form.

If your application needs a BSC derogation, Ofgem will tell Elexon. We’ll contact you to discuss next steps. 

BSC process guides

The following links will help you understand how to proceed:

BSC Sandbox Register

You can use our BSC Sandbox Register to find the reference number for a specific application, or to see a summary of all applications.

Applications approved

The following applications have been approved and have been assigned a derogation start date and end date. The applications below list all relevant reports, consultations and decisions.

Applications rejected

The following applications were rejected by Ofgem. The applications below list all relevant reports, consultations and decisions.

Applications under assessment

No applications are currently under assessment.



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