Digital Code ongoing development and planning


The Digital Code site is a one-stop shop will enable our customers to more easily and quickly understand their obligations, the market arrangements, and the development of changes. It will offer our customers who want to find and understand their obligations an interactive, customisable and intelligent unified content collection of the energy codes. The site will continue to evolve to meet the needs of our customers, based on feedback and the need to make it easier to access and understand the BSC arrangements.

What’s new

Search option

We have upgraded the search option and are now using a ‘semantic search’ tool that enables customers to use search phrases like ‘how do I register a BM Unit’. The search engine will understand this question format and will focus its results to avoid returning every paragraph with the word ‘how’ in it. Instead of just looking for keywords in the text the new search can understand questions and more complicated phrases.

The new search also understands related words, so if you search for ‘meter’ it will also give you meters, metering, metered etc. 

Cross references

We have enhanced the cross references shown in the right hand side bar.  If the reference is to an individual paragraph, the Digital Code will now show just the specific paragraph and not the whole chapter.  You can also now select cross references from within the defined terms side bar, and the cross reference will display underneath the defined term.

We are planning to extend the cross references from the BSC out to other document types over the next few months.

PDFs versions

The Digital Code will replace the existing PDF documents on our main BSC website to become the master, legal version of the BSC. This supports our strategy to consolidate and simplify central market arrangements. Most of the original PDFs are now directing customers to the Digital Code with a few remaining that we are working through.

Please note though that you are still able to download PDF versions directly from the Digital Code pages.

Further developments

Development of the Digital Code is now on hold while we make the most of the features we have already installed, and get more user feedback on what customers want to see next. Please contact us with any comments or feedback about how the Digital Code site is working for you.

Current functionality

The following developments were delivered in the initial site:

  • View and easily navigate your way around the entire BSC document collection (~400 documents and 9k pages), which now sits together as one searchable collection
  • You can choose which specific document types to search across
  • You can understand BSC Defined terms (as per the BSC glossary in Section X1 and X-2) by clicking any underlined term
  • Choose to see secondary definitions and definitions of formulas
  • Cross-references within the BSC are also hyper-linked
  • Quick access to BSCPs
  • Ability to maintain and expand the document collection with ‘clicks of buttons’ – no manual tagging or maintenance required
  • You can display cross-references within the BSC in a side bar within the existing window rather than in a new browser tab

In development

We have completed our initial development phase and are now keen to seek user feedback on our priorities for future developments.

While we are seeking input from our users, we will be further extending and optimising the search options in the Digital Code.

Future functionality

  • Role based filtering at document level
  • Related documents
  • Related paragraphs
  • Role based filtering at chapter level
  • Maintaining our documents using the Digital Code
  • Visualisation of relationship of obligations for each role
  • Change management integration


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