Elexon Kinnect: Updating BSC Systems

We are looking to update our digital platform that will enhance Balancing and Settlement services. Our vision is to develop an improved customer experience surrounding all BSC activities.

Elexon Kinnect is a flexible and scalable digital platform that is built on modern architecture. The platform will deliver three main functions:

  • Customer Solution – providing an intuitive customer experience
  • Settlement Solution – performing scalable, flexible and modular Settlement operations
  • Insights Solution – to receive, process and publish data. This will also allow BSC Parties to self-manage their own accounts and gain insights from BSC and BMRS data

Objectives of Elexon Kinnect

Our digitalisation programme is re-architecting our central systems to deliver a flexible and scalable platform to provide settlement and other value-added services to meet the future needs of a changing energy market. Elexon’s digitalisation programme was formerly known as the Foundation Programme.

Customer Solution

The Customer Solution is the functionality that is being made available on Elexon Kinnect to assist BSC parties to self-manage their accounts or to digitally go through the process enter and/or exit the market. 

This functionality is currently being trialled internally, before launching to the wider industry in early 2021. The new platform will provide an online service for customers who are considering entering the market, registering assets such as Balancing Mechanism (BM) Units or exiting the market.

Next steps

In November we will be inviting a small number of parties to join our User Group to help trial the Customer Solution service we are developing for all BSC market participants.

In early 2021 we will launch the Customer Solution to all industry parties.


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