CP1487 – Remove the exclusion of Change of Measurement Classes in BSCP533 Appendix B

Formal title: Remove the exclusion of Change of Measurement Classes in BSCP533 Appendix B

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


CP1487 proposes changes to BSCP533 Appendix B, removing the exclusion of CoMCs from Standards 2-7 from NM12 and HM12 reporting for both DCs and MOAs.

BSCP514 ‘Supplier volume Allocation Meter Operations for Metering Systems Registered in the Supplier Meter Registration Service Section 7 notes that the NHH DC should receive MTDs from a HH MOA upon completion of a CoMC. AT no  point should a HH DC or NHH DC receive MTDs from an MOA operating in an alternative market sector. This CP will align BSCP533 Appendix B with BSCP514.

The exclusion upon a CoMC could put MTDs at risk of the Error and Failure Resolution technique being switched on.


CP1487 was presented for information to the PAB on the 25 May 2017, and to the SVG on 30 May 2017. This CP went out for CP Consultation on 5 June, with responses due by 5pm on 30 June 2017.

CP1487 was scheduled to go for decision to the PAB on 27 July and to the SVG on 1 August. The CP was put on hold and went to the PAB and SVG on 31 August and 5 September. Elexon has this CP delayed in order to perform further analysis on the migration path from NHH to HH via CoMC to project what portion of the NHH market would still have to go through CoMC (primarily governed by HM12) at the time that this CP is implemented.

CP1487 went to the PAB and SVG for decision on 31 August and 05 September 2017. Both committees approved the CP for implementation on 22 February 2018.

Next Events

CP1487 was approved by PAB and SVG on 31 August and 5 September and implemented on 22 February 2018.


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