Formal title: BSCP68 - Removal of Metering System Transfer restrictions

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


Proposed removal of restrictions in BSCP68 Section 1. 1, which preclude SVA trading Suppliers from transferring the export from Third Party Generating Plant to the CVA trading arrangements. Amend BSCP68 Section 1. 1 to remove the absolute restriction on the transfer of Third Party Generating Plant from SVA to CVA for Suppliers trading in SVA. Because of the manual nature of the process it is intended to limit the volume of “Transfers in progress” at any one time to: (a) no more than FIVE Transfers per Registrant; and (b) no more than TWENTY Transfers per SMRA. SVA Suppliers have claimed that they are disadvantaged by the current restrictions. There are no such restrictions contained within the Balancing and Settlement Code


This CP sent out for industry Impact Assessment as part of the CPC0011


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