Formal title: Entry of Negative CALF Values into CRA

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


Currently the screen used by the Logica Consortium does not allow for negative CALF values to be entered into CRA, even though negative CALF values may be received from Elexon. If this change is not made, the operator will not be able to record the correct CALF value for BM Units with a negative CALF value. This will mean that the CRA will report incorrect CALF values for these BM Units and calculate incorrectly their BM Unit Credit Assessment Import and Export Capabilities (BMCAICs and BMCAECs), which are issued to the SAA and ECVAA. Also, the diagram on page 73 of the CRA URS is not consistent with the table on page 72. This CP supersedes NCR337


This CP was implemented


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