Formal title: Parameters for Automatically Generated BM Units

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The Party Applicant provides their registration details to both the CRA and BSCC Ltd (BSCP65, step 3. 1. 3, CRA-I001. However this information is not sufficient to register the associated BM Units. The following data items are required by CRA for the BM Units to be created and should be provided by BSCC Ltd: Transmission Loss Factor (TLF) Credit Assessment Load Factor (CALF) However, the only information provided by BSCC Ltd to the CRA is accession details (BSCP65 step 3. 1. 6) and notification/authorisation of the new Supplier (BSCP65 step 3. 1. 11, BSCP15 step 3. 3. 1), neither of which include the above data items. This CP supersedes NCR394.


This CP was rejected


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