Formal title: Process to Obtain French Interconnector Meter Readings

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
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This CP supersedes NCR 256 The current CDCA system has no means to process data files from French meters and so a change is required to enable the CDCA to carry out its duties.
This proposal sets out recommendations for obtaining meter readings for the French Interconnector, validating them and loading them into CDCA. It will not be possible simply to follow normal CDCA procedures to obtain these meter readings, as a special protocol exists between France and England, which stipulates that meter readings for the interconnector will be provided by RTE using DC meters. These readings will be adjusted for losses by RTE to give a reading at the point where electricity enters the England and Wales system (Sellindge). These readings will need to be loaded into the CDCA system so that they can be processed for settlement. . A utility programme will be required to process these readings.


This CP was withdrawn


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