Formal title: Payment & Settlement Calendars

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


This Change Proposal has been raised to address inconsistencies initially identified by the NETA Programme and subsequently reviewed by Elexon.
Inconsistency A – Payment Calendar
BSCP301 version2, FAA URS Issue 7 version 11, FAA IDD Part 1 Issue 12 version 15 and FAA Service
Description version 14 are not consistent on who the Payment Calendar recipients are:
BSCP301: BSCCo, SAA and Payment Parties;
FAA URS: Parties, SAA and BSCCo;
FAA IDD: BSCCo, Parties and SAA; and
FAA Service Description: all relevant Agents and Payment Parties.

Inconsistency B – Settlement Calendar
BSCP301 version 2 and Logica IDD Part 1 version 3_6 detail different recipients for the Settlement Calendar:
BSCP301: SVAA, CDCA and Payment Parties; and
Logica IDD: Parties, Party Agents, SVAA, BSCCo and the CDCA.


This CP was rejected


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