Formal title: Data Receipt and Validation by the SAA

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Section T 1. 4 of the BSC Code v. 1. 1 describes the process to be followed by the SAA when data required for Settlement Runs is missing or invalid. It places an obligation on the SAA to decide whether the missing or invalid information makes up a significant proportion of the total Settlement data and sets out different options accordingly. Reference is made to BSCP01, and here each inbound data flow to the SAA is listed along with the procedure to be followed when the data is, in the Sea’s opinion a significant or insignificant proportion of the Settlement Data. The procedure has two possible outcomes: BSCCo can send the SAA default data to be used in the Settlement Run in place of any invalid or missing information; or BSCCo can instruct the SAA to delay the Run until all the required data has been collected.


This CP was withdrawn


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