Formal title: Design enhancements to the standing data process

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


This CP proposes to: 1. Streamline the CVA and SVA standing data activities so that they are contained in one BSCP. As a result of the introduction of NETA, there are now standing data processes, which impact both CVA and SVA.
2. Remove the interfaces between BSCP07 and “Feeder BSCPs”. Currently when certain CVA standing data are updated e. g. BM Unit Registration data, CRA notifies the affected parties electronically. Therefore there is little point in the CRA additionally informing the affected parties manually that the change has been applied, which is the obligation in BSCP07.
3. Incorporate the NETA process, for the provision of changes to BSC Agent contact details relating to CVA and SVA standing data, into the streamlined BSCP. The SVA aspects are currently documented in BSCP507.


This CP was rejected


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