Formal title: BSCP05 Visual Inspection of Metering Systems

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


1. a new form to be completed by the CDCA on a meter reading site visit and an associated new step in the Interface Timetable, 3. 1. 6. The new form includes an additional requirement for the CDCA to check for any de-energised circuits, this requirement will also need to be reflected in section 4. 3 of the BSCP.
2. Step 3. 1. 9 to be expanded: “Notify the Registrant and MOA of the MAR result(s) and request an explanation of discrepancies greater than +/- 0. 1%” and Step 3. 1. 11 the recipient should be the MOA and not the Registrant.


This CP was implemented on 30/06/03


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