Formal title: Changes to the CRA URS

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This CP has been raised to address inconsistencies:
a) BSCP15 sections 3. 5. 8, 3. 5. 9 and 3. 6. 1 are somewhat misleading and require clarification.
b) BSCP15 section 3. 1. 6 states that the CRA will inform the CDCA, TC and BSCCo when a new BM Unit is registered; IDD CRA-I015 states that the BMRA, FAA and ECVAA should be informed.
c) BSCP15 section 3. 1. 7 states that if BM Unit is embedded, the CRA shall notify the relevant DSO. This requirement is not in the CRA URS.
d) BSC section A 3. 3. 5(a) places an obligation on the BSCCo to send a copy of Party details to the CRA. The URS section 1 says that the CRA shall seek authorisation from BSSCo for changes to registration details.


This CP was withdrawn


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