Formal title: Service Levels for the Reporting of data to NGC by Logica

Current Status

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Raised from NCRs 336 and 248 NGC requires information from flow SAA-I014 to calculate the TSUoS charges for participants. In order to meet their commitments under BSCP01 NGC require the SF (Initial Settlement), RF (Reconciliation) and D (Disputes) versions of this flow by 06: 00 on the relevant day (e. g. D+17 in the case of SF) to enable the appropriate billing reports to be generated and sent to FAA by 12: 00. NGC also requires the II (Interim Initial) version of SAA-I014 by 12: 00 on the relevant day to enable the draft bills to be processed and sent to participants by 17: 00.
The current settlement timetable only requires Logica to produce the report on a particular day and send it to NGC with no time constraint on arrival. This is not sufficiently stringent to ensure that NGC can meet their obligations


This CP was withdrawn


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