Formal title: Changes to the CDCA URS

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


This CP has been raised to address inconsistencies initially identified by the NETA Programme and subsequently reviewed by Elexon. (IRP CP025)
BSC Section R, 5. 6. 2 says that for each Volume Allocation Run the CDCA shall ensure that it makes use of any relevant data that has been adjusted or revised since the Initial Run. In section 5. 6. 3 the Code explains that the relevant information includes registration data, Meter Technical Details, Aggregation Rules, Line Loss Factors and metered data.
The CDCA URS sections F026 and F027 say that adjusted metered data should be taken into account, and omits the other information types.


This CP was implemented on 27/08/02


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