CP0632 – Changes to the SAA URS

Formal title: Changes to the SAA URS

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


This CP has been raised to address inconsistencies identified by the NETA Programme and subsequently reviewed by Elexon. (IRP CP026). a) Inconsistency 375 URS_SAA_4 BSC uses ‘BM Unit metered volumes for suppliers’. The URS has ‘Allocated supplier volumes’. Meaning is the same but the different terminology could be confusing. b) Inconsistency 385 URS_SAA_14 When establishing bid offer ranges, Section T 3. 5. 2(b) states that where the bid offer pair number is less than zero (nT 3. 6. 1 lists the two equations for determination of Accepted Bid-Offer Volume, qABOknij(t). In the Code, the second qAij term has a superscript of k-1 for both equations (i. e. qAk-1ij). The URS section SAA-F005 part 5 just has qAk-i


This CP was implemented in December 2002


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