CP0637 – Meter Serial Number Field Length (CDCA)

Formal title: Meter Serial Number Field Length (CDCA)

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


The field length of Meter Serial Numbers (for HH and NHH meters) permitted by NETA was originally set at 10 characters long, but the increase in the number of new meter owners has required an extension of up to 12 characters. As a result, the CDCA’s systems, which were designed in accordance with the NETA requirements, cannot accept some of the newer serial numbers that use more than 10 characters. This causes problems for the CDCA when collecting and registering meter technical details and needs to be resolved.
This change proposal addresses Workaround 013 and NETA Issue 106.


This CP was implemented on 10/12/02


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