Formal title: HH Estimation Using Physical Meter Readings in Conjunction with Default Profile

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Where a site that cannot be dialled has no previous HH history, BSCP502 requires the use of EAC/Profile Class to estimate the HH data to be used in Settlements. There is no option listed that allows the use of actual meter advances with PC Profile even though this is closer to reality than use of the EAC. If the default EAC is used this could be many times higher (or lower) than the actual consumption.
Although the BSCP does not list this combination where there is no previous data, it does allow the use of actual meter advances in conjunction with previous data (presumably even estimated/profile data). It therefore follows that once use has been made of the EAC and Profile data for at least one week, the way is then clear to commence using actual advance information in conjunction with the week’s profile in accordance with BSCP502 4. 2. 1 (c) 3.


This CP was withdrawn


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