Formal title: Enduring Process to replace W021 - CRA Registration Details to NGC

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


CRA-I020 (R0201) is sent from the CRA to Elexon and the SO but its IDD description has been interpreted differently by the two participants. Elexon require substantially different information and formatting to that carried by CRA-I020.
CRA-I020 should provide details of changes to the association of BMUs to Trading Units, by specifying the ‘Trading Unit Name’ for each BMU in group ‘BR3’. However, the ‘Trading Unit Name’ is the Trading Unit that the ‘BM Unit’ was associated with as at the ‘effective from date’ of the BMU (and associated parameters), the penultimate item in the group. The ‘Trading Unit Name’ could therefore be null if the BMU was established before it was associated with a Trading Unit. This means that even if the BMU association has changed, it would not be reported in this flow, unless a BMU parameter, such as GC or DC, has also changed.


This CP was withdrawn


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