Formal title: Enduring Process to replace W016 - CRA Registration Details to Elexon

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


CRA-I020 is sent from the CRA to Elexon and the SO but its IDD description has been interpreted differently by the two participants. Elexon are unable to use the interface in its current format.
To address this, Workaround 16 was developed in which a spreadsheet is e-mailed on a weekly basis from the Logica Consortium to Elexon. This contains all currently valid BMUs and the information relating to each BMU and its associated attributes. It is intended that the enduring solution to this workaround is for the data held in this spreadsheet be sent to Elexon in the form of a data flow. This would be loaded into Elexon databases to enable registration data validation and reporting.


This CP was implemented on 3 November 2004


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