Formal title: Removing / Mitigating The Effect Of System Balancing Actions In The Imbalance Price Calculations (MP18)

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


This CP contains a number of independent, but related changes. Initially there are two possible interim system architectures, that have been included as the anticipated timescales of an enduring solution are expected to be significant: • Interim System Architecture 2 • Interim System Architecture 1a Next there are the two potential architectures for the enduring solution: • Enduring System Architecture 2 • Enduring System Architecture 3 Lastly there are two options which are to be considered in association with the enduring solutions: • BMRA Changes • Enduring System Architecture 2 (Alternative CID Options)
(This CP will be superseded on completion of the HLIA by Logica when it will be possible to clarify the exact requirements. )


This CP was withdrawn


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