Formal title: Provision of Estimated Annual Consumptions (EACs) to Public Distribution System Operator (PDSO)

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


Following separation of Supply and Distribution businesses, the PDSO no longer has access to EACs. The PDSO requires an accurate forecast of consumption to enable it to calculate planned load on its network and EACs previously provided this. This change adds an obligation on Non Half-Hourly Data Collectors, when sending EACs to the Supplier and Non Half-Hourly Data Aggregator, to also send them to the relevant PDSO. The alternative would be for the PDSO to develop systems to process meter readings and calculate the EAC itself. This would be wasteful given that data in the required form already exists elsewhere.
This change will assist the PDSO in the efficient operation of the distribution system. The receipt of EACs will be of benefit when planning at feeder and substation level and will assist in ensuring security of supply.


This CP was rejected


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