Formal title: Calculation of Negative Estimates of Annual Consumption (EAC) by the EAC/AA System

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The Elexon-developed EAC/AA calculator allows a negative Estimate of Annual Consumption (EAC) to be calculated. A negative Annualised Advance (AA) may arise as a result of an erroneously large previous AA value or as a result of failure to detect ameter-rollover. In the former case, the erroneously large AA and negative AA will cancel out, inasmuch as the overall metered volume over the two meter advance periods will be correct, albeit that the profiled demand values will be inaccurate. In the latter case, no such compensation will take place.
In either case, the negative AA may (depending on the magnitude of the negative AA, the meter advance period and the value of the Previous Estimated Annual Consumption (PEAC)) result in a negative EAC.


This CP was rejected


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