Formal title: Making Transmission Company sub-flow of SAA-I014 Reports Available to All Parties - Interim and Enduring Solutions

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


The BSC states that the Settlement Reports (SAA-I014), including the sub-flow sent to the Transmission Company (S0142), and should be available to any Party on request through BSCP 41 flexible reporting requirements. The Central Service Agent cannot send S0142 automatically to Parties due to the size of the sub-flow. The size of the file, on average 8MB, is such that sending it out automatically would compromise operation of the High Grade Service. The file could disrupt, slow down or inhibit receipt of other more critical reports – such as contract notification acknowledgements and rejections. To comply with the BSC, S0142 needs to be made available through other means


This CP was implemented


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