Formal title: Clarifications to Meter Read Audit Trail requirements in Party Agent Service Line (PSL) 120

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


PSL120 defines requirements for Non Half Hourly Data Collectors (NHHDCs) regarding audit trails that must be maintained for meter readings processed. An audit trail allows NHHDCs to trace the source of a reading to verify its accuracy for use in settlements. Non-compliance with current obligations has been identified by the Auditor, and the issue has been pursued using Elexon’s Performance Issue Management Process. However, compliance across the industry has not been achieved because some NHHDCs feel the requirements place unnecessarily onerous data storage burdens on them.
This CP proposes amendments to the wording of PSL120 to clarify workable data storage levels, and to establish specifications for minimum requirements.


This CP was implemented


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