Formal title: Enduring Solution for Historical Overwrite in ECVAA

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


CP539 implemented an interim solution to the Historical Overwrite issue within ECVAA. For an enduring solution, it is proposed that ECVAA be amended to ensure that all data within any submitted Notification, ECVN and MVRN, for Settlement Periods for which Gate Closure has already passed, at the deemed time of receipt, should be disregarded, whether the notification applies within day, or to a range of dates.
The associated counterparties to the notification and the submitting Notification Agent would receive a feedback report from ECVAA indicating which data, if any, has been disregarded. This will contain the Settlement Date and Settlement Period from which the Notification became effective, thus enabling a Party and Notification Agent to determine which portion of data has, if any, been disregarded.


This CP was implemented


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