CP0749 – Formalising confirmation of Exempt Export BM Unit Status

Formal title: Formalising confirmation of Exempt Export BM Unit Status

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


Paragraph K1. 5 of the BSC creates a process where any Party which is responsible for a Generating Plant (other than that whose exports are measured by SVA metering systems) must provide details to BSCCo stating why the Plant should be treated as Exemptible (as defined in K1. 2. 2(c)) before taking any steps under Section K which follow from Exemptible status – BSCCo then taking the appropriate steps to verify such status and informing the Party of its conclusions. However, there is presently no formal procedure for a Party to apply to have its Generating Plant seen as Exemptible for the purposes of the Code, or for BSSCo to verify whether a Plant should be considered as such and to confirm its decision to the Party concerned.


This CP was implemented


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