Formal title: Inconsistencies with estimates based on actual HH data more than one month before or after the period of required estimation

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Appendix 4. 2: there is no reference to the technique, or guidance on estimating metered data during extended public holidays, such as Christmas and New Year, when consumption patterns are abnormal compared with other similar week days. A reminder is proposed to be included.
The estimation methods specified in section BSCP502 4. 2. 1 (c) and (d) require that estimations should be based on data limited to one month prior, or one month after, the period requiring estimation – utilising data for the same day of week and time periods. These sections do not specify that actual data should be used on which to base estimates. This has led to inconsistencies in how HHDCs interpret the methods specified. Although previously allowed for calculating estimations in the 100kW (ERS) market, the use of actual data greater than one month old in constructing estimated data is not permitted in BSCP502.


This CP was rejected


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