Formal title: Meter Advance Reconciliation Results to PDSOs (BSCP05 & BSCP502)

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BSCP05 v2. 0 step 3. 1. 8 states that, if appropriate, the CDCA will notify the relevant DSOs of MAR reports, along with Registrants and MOAs. Similarly, step 3. 4. 1. 2 of BSCP502 v3. 0 states that HHDCs will send MAR reports to PDSOs in addition to Suppliers and MOAs if appropriate. The BSC does not explicitly require Distributors to be informed of MAR results by the CDCA and indeed, DSOs/PDSOs may not always want to receive such information. However, it is reasonable that the option should exist whereby DSOs/PDSOs can request MAR results from the CDCA/HHDCs if and when they want them. This CP therefore proposes to make the relevant changes to BSCP05 and BSCP502.
This CP supersedes CP624, which initially identified the inconsistency between the Code (section R6. 2. 1) and BSCP05.


This CP was rejected


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