Formal title: Clarification of the correct generation of deemed D0086 Meter Readings by NHH Data Collectors

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CPC Consultation
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The wording in BSCP504 3. 2. 6. 10 is ambiguous and it should be specified where this requirement is Applicable. In addition, 3. 2. 6. 11 further complicated by the fact that many DCs who have not received a meter reading on a D0086 dataflow by SSD+8 are using their own historical data related to when they previously owned the supply. Whilst we accept that the DC is displaying a good intent to help customers receive timely accounts there is a significant risk that poor data will be used resulting in disputed reads.
In addition, there may have been several months or longer between each customer transfer in which a number of meter readings may have been processed. Without this more recent data, the new DC is running the risk of entering poor data into settlements.


This CP was implemented


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