CP0769 – Improved ‘Manage Instruction Files’ and ‘Browse File Loading Statuses’

Formal title: Improved 'Manage Instruction Files' and 'Browse File Loading Statuses'

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


The current ‘Manage Instruction Files’ NHHDA screen is not very informative when dealing with received Instruction File problems such as duplicated Files, i. e. files with the same File Sequence Number but with different contents. This situation recently arose at a NHHDA site, and the ensuing debate at STAG revealed that the ‘Manage Instruction Files’ screen did not supply sufficient information for the users to understand, resolve and manage the problems in this area. It was agreed that this screen should be improved with additional information to make it more useful.
During the investigation and analysis of the requested improvements, it was also identified that the ‘Browse File Loading Statuses’ screen could be improved with the same information to make it more productive to the NHHDA users.


This CP was implemented


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