CP0783 – Minor Enhancements to BSCP501 ‘Supplier Meter Registration Service’

Formal title: Minor Enhancements to BSCP501 'Supplier Meter Registration Service'

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


This CP outlines two changes: 1. Remove the reference to dataflow D0171 ‘Notification of Distributor Changes to Metering Point Details’ from step 3. 4. 4 of process 3. 4 ‘Change of Supplier for Half Hourly SVA Metering System’ of BSCP501. This CP has been raised from CR R3016 ‘Removal from AP501 of dataflow D0171 from 3. 4. 4’. 2. Add BSCP550 ‘Shared SVA Meter Arrangement of Half Hourly Import and Export Active Energy’ as a related BSCP to Section 1. 5 of BSCP501.


This CP was rejected


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