Formal title: Definition of new Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) Manual Data Flow

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CP691 ‘Incorporate revised proving and validation rules in the Half Hourly (HH) Code Subsidiary Documents (CSDs)’ has incorporated a series of revised proving and validation rules in the HH Code Subsidiary Documents. One of the changes incorporated within BSCP502 for CP691 relates to the situation where a Half Hourly Data Collector (HHDC) detects recorded energy in excess of the maximum permissible. If after sending a Metering System Investigation Request (D0001) to the Supplier there is no response, the HHDC applies the rules stated in Appendix 4. 1 of BSCP502. As a result of CP691, HHDCs will notify BSCCo (via step 3. 4. 1. 7) when such a problem has been detected and the Supplier has not given any advice on the action to be taken by the HHDC. Although this new flow has been given a manual status, the flow itself has not been defined.


This CP was rejected


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