Formal title: Add the MOA as a recipient of D0148 'Notification of Change to Other Parties' dataflow for a change of MOA to the relevant Code Subsidiary Documents

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


PLS110 section 5. 2. 11 explains that the D0148 ‘Notification of Change to Other Parties’ dataflow is sent from Suppliers to MOAs when there is a change of Data Collector. However, this dataflow is also required to be sent when there is change of MOA (both Half Hourly and Non Half Hourly) but this is not reflected in PSL110 nor is it accurately reflected in the BSC SVA Data Catalogue. This CP is raised from SIR R2658 ‘NHHMO added as a recipient of D0148 “Notification of Change to Other Parties” ‘. The Data Transfer Catalogue already supports this interface.


This CP was implemented


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