Formal title: Removal of requirement for CT certificates for LV CTs

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


The present requirement (contained in BSCPs and CoPs) for CTs requires MOAs to procure test certificates for all CTs from Distribution Businesses and pass copies to the TAA as requested. This requirement has proved difficult and expensive to administer. There are many outstanding non compliances resulting from the failure of Distribution Businesses to supply the certificates. LV CTs have been manufactured to Class 0. 5 or better for some years now. Elexon have recently examined sample test certificates from all Distribution Businesses, in order to consider generic certificates. This work has indicated that all CTs manufactured to Class 0. 5, or better, have the accuracy required for CoPs 3 and 5. It is therefore proposed that the requirement for CT test certificates for LV is no longer necessary and should be removed provided the CTs can be identified as Class 0. 5 or better.


This CP was implemented


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