Formal title: Additional Multiplier Field in the D0268 ' Half Hour Meter Technical Details'

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Currently a HH Meter will keep in its memory a value for every half hour read, plus it will show a cumulative total on a display. These reads are subject to conversion to show actual volumes by the use of multipliers. The DC will periodically take a visual read from the meter, alongside the HH reads that are electronically sent to it from the meter’s memory. For the period between 2 visual reads, the MAR is calculated from the sum of half hourly reads after suitable adjustments using the multipliers and should equal to within 0. 1%. There are 3 multipliers that apply to some meters; however, the D0268 ‘HH Meter Technical Details’ only has 2 fields for the indication of multipliers. The addition of another multiplier field to the D0268 would mean that the MO could pass information concerning all of the multipliers to the relevant parties.


This CP was rejected


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