Formal title: Amend the SVAA Load Data Files screen to display the previous and current day's failed files

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The Load Data Files screen displays, for each input file type, the number of files that are waiting to be loaded, and the number that have failed to load (see attachment). When a file fails to load it is placed in the Corrupt directory and an entry is made in the cdb-file-reference table giving the file a status of 102 to indicate that it has failed. The failure count for that file type on the Load Data Files screen is then incremented by 1.
The only legitimate way to alter the status of the file in the cdb-file-reference table, and thus decrease the failure count on the Load Data Files screen, is to correct the data and reload the file successfully. However, this will never happen. The business process for dealing with failed input files is for the ISR Agent to contact the data provider, who then corrects the problem at source, regenerates and resubmits the data.


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