Formal title: Creation of exception log in SVAA software for timestamp errors in D0277 Flow

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


There has been an instance of the DPP run failing because of a problem with the D0277 TCI Data File. This problem occurred as the times inputted by the Teleswitch Agent are rounded to the nearest minute at EASL. In this instance the rounding of these times resulted in the on/off times being the same, causing the loading of the data by the SVAA to fail. As this is recognised as a format error, rather than a validation error, an error log and not an exception report was generated, which failed to identify the source of the problem. It is proposed that the SVAA software is modified to include a check for duplicated TCI Effective Times as an extra validation check, so that such duplications would cause a validation error, resulting in an exception report being generated.


This CP was implemented


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