Formal title: Inconsistency between the ECVAA Service Description, URS and BSC

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These two amendments are small documentation changes that will remove the risk of confusion between the ECVAA Service Description, the URS and the BSC. A The ECVAA Service Description, sections 8. 1d and 9. 1d state that a check will be carried out to make sure that ECVNs and MVRNs from the notification agents have been transmitted at or before Gate Closure for each Settlement Period. This is inconsistent with Code section P and the ECVAA URS, which demands that notifications have to be received by the ECVAA at or before Gate Closure. B
Section 1. 3 of the ECVAA Service Description suggests that ECVNAs and MVRNAs are BSC Agents, like the CRA and FAA. This is incorrect – notification agents are classed as Party Agents.


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